Teal Green Color

HEX color code is #25A385 and the RGB is 37, 163, 133

Teal Green’s unique color combination of blueish and greenish hues makes it a color that can be likened to both the ocean and deep jungles. It was a tropical and mystical feel to it that makes it quite popular with fashion designers. Designers like Valentino and Michael Kors have used Teal Green in their outwear and shoe designs to create looks that feel timeless and elegant.

How the color is made: To make Teal Green mix light cyan with very dark lime green, to create a color that feels cool and glossy.

History: Traditionally, Teal Green has been associated with nobility and wealth. Its green hue makes it a color that many associate with riches and abundance. In theatre is is often used to depict sinister motives and lighting technicians will cast a Teal Green light whenever a character with maleficent motives is on stage.

Color in Action

Use Teal Green to create a look that feels tropical and fresh in an interior design because it has a slightly warm undertone.
Twal Grwen has been used in many fashion accessories from belts, shoes, glasses, hats, and purses to complete a look that would otherwise feel boring. It adds a pop of intriguing color that doesn’t dominate the rest of the outfit and can create a sense of harmony.

Teal Green Dress
Teal Green Nails
Teal Green Sofa

Colors that go with Teal Green

Match Teal Green with dark burnt orange and dark pink for a split complementary color scheme that has an eccentric and optimistic aesthetic.

Teal Green Dress Color Combination
Teal Green Nails Color Combination
Teal Green Sofa Color Combination

Teal Green Color Palettes and Schemes

Teal Green can be used with colors that fall either more toward the blue hues or colors that sway toward the green hues because it has both of these colors in its mixture. Try green monochrome looks for a forest-like look or blue for an oceanic feel.

Teal Green Dress Color Palette
Teal Green Nails Color Palette
Teal Green Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wallpapers with Teal Green and cream toile designs will feel provincial while patterns with paisley Teal Green designs will create a quaint feel in a space.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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