Terracotta Color

HEX color code is #CB6843 and the RGB is 203, 104, 67

There is something about Terracotta pots and roof tiles that is reminiscent of Tuscan villas and sleepy siestas in the midday sun. Though Terracotta’s zesty hue is anything but sleepy. Its distinct orange and red blend gives the Terracotta a lively and energetic feel that makes it popular with interior decorators.

How the color is made: To make Terracotta mix very light orange with dark red, which will result in a rich and earthy clay-like color that almost feels warm to the touch.

History: Traditionally, Terracotta was associated with the nourishment of the earth and agriculture. Its red undertone alludes to passion and energy, while its orange hue symbolizes activity and invigoration.

Color in Action

Terracotta’s versatility makes it a wonderful color to incorporate into outfit ensembles for everyday wear. It can be paired with green, blue, or red accessories to instantly and completely change to look and feel of an outfit. For Terracotta-inspired outfit ideas, try mixing light peach and cream garments and pieces to brighten the look.
Terracotta looks amazing with green—just think of a leafy monstera plant branching out of a bright Terracotta pot. Use Terracotta in an entrance hall for a welcoming effect, or in a dining room to create a homey feel.

Terracotta Dress
Terracotta Nails
Terracotta Sofa

Colors that go with Terracotta

Match Terracotta with moderate teal blue for a bright pop of color and a complementary cool temperature, or try Terracotta with its split-complementary colors of moderate blue and moderate green blue for a rustic Venetian vibe.

Terracotta Dress Color Combination
Terracotta Nails Color Combination
Terracotta Sofa Color Combination

Terracotta Color Palettes and Schemes

Terracotta’s tetradic color palette includes colors like moderate pink, lime green, and moderate blue, and can be used to create a mood board that feels eclectic and vibrant.

Terracotta Dress Color Palette
Terracotta Nails Color Palette
Terracotta Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Use Terracotta in a Moroccan lattice pattern to create a mood that feels urban and dynamic. Wallpapers with a herringbone pattern in Terracotta and cream will add a classic twist to a design.

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