Titanium Color

HEX color code is #797982 and the RGB is 121, 121, 130

Titanium has a blueish tinge that makes its gray color feel cool and stoic. It has the look of freshly laid cement that makes it feel industrial and modern, with a hint of ageless charm.

How the color is made: To make Titanium mix very pale blue with very dark (almost black blue) to produce a color that looks surly and tough.

History: Historically, Titanium has been a color associated with progress and industrialization. It has a coolness to it that makes it well-suited to office interiors and business attire. It is a color that is linked to stoicism and starkness thanks to its simple color composition.

Color in Action

Titanium is used to color the military aircraft of many countries because it reduces their visual appearance in the sky and improves their stealth when undertaking covert missions. The Royal Navy has also been using Titanium to conceal its watercraft for centuries. Titanium’s muted grayish-blue color makes it an ideal color for camouflaging both air and sea craft.
Use Titanium in interior design to create a cold and austere feeling if you are wanting a minimalist aesthetic. Or incorporate Titanium elements into the room to create vignettes that are industrial and formal.

Titanium Dress
Titanium Nails
Titanium Sofa

Colors that go with Titanium

Because Titanium is considered a neutral color it can match perfectly with most colors. To expand its coolness pair it with blues and to contrast its temperature match it with warm yellows, oranges, or gold.

Titanium Dress Color Combination
Titanium Nails Color Combination
Titanium Sofa Color Combination

Titanium Color Palettes and Schemes

Use Titanium in a shades of gray palette that takes advantage of its closeness to blue by incorporating colors like glaucous and slate into the color gradient.

Titanium Dress Color Palette
Titanium Nails Color Palette
Titanium Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A polka dot pattern in Titanium and white will add a little bit of playfulness and whimsy to a color that can look severe when used on its own. A Titanium-colored herringbone wallpaper can add a classy feel to a space.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton