Uranus Color

HEX color code is #ACE5EE and the RGB is 172, 229, 238

The color Uranus is a soft Blue that is often used when decorating babies’ nurseries because of its calming effect. Uranus is a popular color in fashion design because it captures the masculine essence commonly associated with the color Blue and adds a feminine twist to the look.

How the color is made: Uranus is made by blending White with Soft Cyan to create a pale that looks like the third-largest planet in our solar system.

History: Colors like Uranus were historically used to convey a feeling of consecration and grace. Titian’s artwork titled, “The Worship of Venus” in 1519 utilizes the color Uranus in the sky as well as in-between the cherubs to depict a sense of peace and contemplation.

Color in Action

Uranus-colored suits can be found on the clothing racks at Max Mara and Zara because they are considered a staple in women’s wardrobes for every season. The color Uranus also looks exquisite in a silk blouse worn under a Charcoal blazer to create a look that is infused with intelligence and composure.

Uranus Dress
Uranus Nails
Uranus Sofa

Colors that go with Uranus

Uranus matches well with Very Soft Red and is often seen in this color combination in pictures of Easter eggs. Colors like Soft Peach and Soft Mint Green can be included in this combination to create a double split-complementary color scheme that feels playful and light.

Uranus Dress Color Combination
Uranus Nails Color Combination
Uranus Sofa Color Combination

Uranus Color Palettes and Schemes

Shades of Uranus create a congruent and calm look in a room or an outfit. For instance, a color palette that includes Dark Grayish Cyan with Uranus and Soft Cyan feels calm and dreamlike.

Uranus Dress Color Palette
Uranus Nails Color Palette
Uranus Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A powdery blue Uranus wallpaper could have textures in it that mimic a pale sky with whisps of clouds or a fine diamond-shaped pattern that looks like vintage fabric. Both of these backgrounds will give a room or a design a feeling of weightlessness and freedom that will elicit calm emotions.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton