Vermilion Color

HEX color code is #CC303F and the RGB is 204, 48, 63

The Vermilion pigment was made from the cinnabar mineral which was ground into a powder and is estimated to have been first produced around the fourth century A.D. It is considered one of the oldest colors in antiquity and can be seen in several ancient artifacts that have been preserved in museums.

How the color is made: To make Vermilion blend Light Red and Dark Red, this will produce a Bright Red color with a slightly sandy Orange hue.

History: Vermilion’s bright and moderate saturation made it ideal for paintings that were created to depict scenes of passion, devotion, and compassion. Sandro Botticelli’s painting of “The Temptations of christ and Purification of the Leper” captures these emotions in full force by strategically implementing the use of Vermilion.

Color in Action

The fashion industry has claimed Vermilion as one of its signature colors, with any garment from lingerie to sparkly evening dresses becoming iconic pieces in many designers' collections. Versace has even used Vermilion in couture bags that add an instant pop to any outfit.
Vermilion is also used with great success and impact in interior spaces. Boring office lobbies are transformed by a well-placed over-sized Vermilion plant pot with striking snake plants to create a unique focal point.

Vermilion Dress
Vermilion Nails
Vermilion Sofa

Colors that go with Vermilion

Match Vermilion with Strong Cyan for a complementary color scheme that juxtaposes warmth and coolness and creates an appealing design element.

Vermilion Dress Color Combination
Vermilion Nails Color Combination
Vermilion Sofa Color Combination

Vermilion Color Palettes and Schemes

Logo designers that want to incorporate a sense of power, trust, and success in the imagery can use a split-complementary color palette that includes Vermilion, Lime Green, and Strong Blue.

Vermilion Dress Color Palette
Vermilion Nails Color Palette
Vermilion Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Vermilion always looks good in a striped wallpaper design, whether with thin White stripes or Light Grayish Red stripes. Patterns that include chevron designs with Vermilion, Strong Orange, and Strong Pink will have a sense of movement and energy because of their analogous ties.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton