Violet Color

HEX color code is #70369D and the RGB is 112, 54, 157

Violet is a unique color that tells a story of intelligence and royalty, equally peaking one's curiosity and imagination, with a definitive characteristics of a range of wavelengths in the color spectrum. Not to mention that the beautiful name was inherited from a flower, making the color more romantic and appealing.

How the color is made: violet is made by mixing red and blue paints, more red will make violet shiny and warm, and vice versa. And in RGB color space, it is made up of 112/255 red (~43.92% of red), 91/255 green (~35.69% of green), 170/255 blue (~66.67% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it is made up of 34% cyan, 46% magenta, and 33% black, with no yellow.

History: throughout history, purple and violet were associated with royalty, because many nobles starting from queen Cleopatra, to Julius Caesar were in love with this color. Years after, some Roman emperors forced people to wear violet or purple togas in public. Now, the color can be seen in various visual media from graphic, to interior design, it is also used extensively in fashion. It is worthy to note that the color of the year 2018 was ultra violet, a deep shade of this beautiful hue.

Color in Action

The color violet, as it is a balanced mix between red and blue, takes from both with balance. It have a special aura and energy that might be attributed to red, while having equally comforting aura as blue without the "blue" part of it; as you can't by any means connect violet with sadness. The bizarre mix yields in an even more eccentric and unique features of violet, as it is considered a color that invokes imagination and out-of-the-box world views, and due to this associations; the color is considered somehow ambiguous, and can give such feeling wherever put.

Violet Dress
Violet Nails
Violet Sofa

Colors that go with Violet

Violet goes well with similar colors, like shades of purple, deep reds, and dark blues, and with them it creates an analogous vibe that is ensured to be comfortable to the eye. Violet works well with its complementary green shade called moss green, but it also goes along with deep pale olive green and bronze colors, which creates nice dynamic relations with, if you want violet to appear luminant, darken those colors a little bit.

Violet Dress Color Combination
Violet Nails Color Combination
Violet Sofa Color Combination

Violet Color Palettes and Schemes

For a deep color palette, use violet alongside dark shades of it, dark shades of blue and black, and white as an accent. Yet to create a pastel color palette, use it with light pastels, and those would end up being great feminine palettes, and to exaggerate that more add pinks and yellows. Greens will ensure a touch of life is added to its majesty and power, ending up with an irresistible and ever-winning vibe. Using deep reds, alongside violet will create extremely unfathomable vibe but equally aesthetic.

Violet Dress Color Palette
Violet Nails Color Palette
Violet Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Some impressionists claim that the color of the atmosphere is actually violet rather than blue, making the color a great choice as a background color for lots of visuals. Patterns of nature and manmade ones are both beautiful when rendered in violet, as violet pours some its magic over both of them. Those patterns, as well as gradients having violet as a primary color, are great choices for wallpapers for any media, and the plain color is also interesting in the scenario.

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