Vivid Yellow Color

HEX color code is #FDCB18 and the RGB is 253, 203, 24

Vivid Yellow can sometimes be perceived as a childish color because it is frequently used in toy packaging and candy wrappers that appeal to children. But Vivid Yellow is also a color associated with warning signs like road signs because they grab the viewer's attention. New York taxi cabs are painted Vivid Yellow so that they are easily visible in traffic.

How the color is made: Vivid Yellow is made by combining Bright Yellow with Bright Orange, to give it an intense hue.

History: In Victorian times, Vivid Yellow roses symbolized jealousy because Yellow roses at that time didn’t have a scent.

Color in Action

Andy Warhol used Vivid Yellow in his Banana picture to make a statement about mass production and consumption. His use of an ordinary object and a primary color create a striking effect on the viewer.
Vivid Yellow is used to great effect in fashion design to invoke a sense of power, ecstasy, and triumph. Because Yellow was traditionally a color associated with cowardice, its sudden meteoric rise in the design world has created a sense of ambivalence and irreverence toward the outdated power structures in society. If revolution has a color it would be Vivid Yellow.

Vivid Yellow Dress
Vivid Yellow Nails
Vivid Yellow Sofa

Colors that go with Vivid Yellow

Vivid Yellow matches well with a slightly desaturated Cyan and Bright Red which creates a sense of courage and audacity. This triadic color scheme plays with the primary colors in a unique way by offsetting their saturation levels with a pleasing effect.

Vivid Yellow Dress Color Combination
Vivid Yellow Nails Color Combination
Vivid Yellow Sofa Color Combination

Vivid Yellow Color Palettes and Schemes

When combining Vivid Yellow with a Dirty Bronze color a designer creates a metropolitan look that elicits a sensation of culture and grace.

Vivid Yellow Dress Color Palette
Vivid Yellow Nails Color Palette
Vivid Yellow Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Brick walls painted in Vivid Yellow have become popular for fashion photography and impromptu photoshoots because Yellow creates a perception of spontaneity and jauntiness.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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