Walnut Color

HEX color code is #59392B and the RGB is 89, 57, 43

Walnut is a Dark Brown color that can be seen in Indian wood carvings. It is a color associated with constraint and discipline and was often used as decorative elements in churches and other places of worship. Walnut is a neutral warm hue which makes it well-suited in most design situations.

How the color is made: Walnut is made by mixing Dark Moderate Orange and Black.

History: Historically, Walnut was a color that signified man’s connection to the soil, and was used to depict reliance and endurance in paintings during the Renaissance period.

Color in Action

Whether worn in shoe designs or as structured wool coats, Walnut speaks to a classic style that endures all flighty trends. Walnut can be worn during any season but is popular in Fall and Winter because of its warm tone and the way it draws parallels to these seasons and the changing landscape.
Walnut wood looks distinguished when used in carved poster beds and as minimalist picture frames on a wall. The slight Orange tinge in Walnut means it's another warm neutral color that will work with both pastel shades and deeper hues.

Walnut Dress
Walnut Nails
Walnut Sofa

Colors that go with Walnut

It is possible to match Walnut with any color. If you want a light feel pair it with Pastel Green, or try placing it beside a Deep Navy Blue for dramatic appeal and a look of luxury.

Walnut Dress Color Combination
Walnut Nails Color Combination
Walnut Sofa Color Combination

Walnut Color Palettes and Schemes

Monochromatic color palettes that have Light Desaturated Orange, Pure Orange, and Walnut will create designs that feel like warm cinnamon drinks by the fireside. For a truly deluxe look, try using Gold accents with Walnut that mimic ornately carved antique dressers from the Regency era.

Walnut Dress Color Palette
Walnut Nails Color Palette
Walnut Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Wallpapers with fine Walnut stripes and inlays of Gold threading create a mood that feels highbred and illustrious, while a pattern that toile images in Walnurt on a White base creates an agricultural feel in a design.

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