Xanadu Color

HEX color code is #738678 and the RGB is 115, 134, 120

Having a unique name gives Xanadu the characteristics of being bizarre and mind-itching curiosity to know more about the color. It is enough to note that xanadu is the only color that start with the letter 'X'.
Xanadu is a grayish green color that holds all the annotations of green such as rebirth, life and youth. Which serves a gentle reminder of mother nature with all its care and love.

How the color is made: xanadu is made by mixing green, cyan and black with black dominance, hence the grayish tone. In RGB color space, it is made by mixing 115/255 red (~45% of red), 134/255 green (~52% of green), and 120/255 blue (~47% of blue). And in CMYK used in printers it consists of 14% cyan, 10% yellow and 47% black with no magenta component.

History: xanadu is found in nature, in fact the color got its name from a plant native to Australia called Philodendron, later named Philodendron Xanadu; which became widely known as Xanadu. The plant leaves are colored in this shade of green, hence the color was named after it. Xanadu the color was used by artists featuring green landscape, and now it is a popular choice for interior design.

Color in Action

Xanadu is very welcoming and comforting to look at. And having such characteristics make it a great choice for home and workspaces interiors as it relieves the observer from stress and anxiety. Also, like all other greens, it have a vibe of rebirth, renewal and comfort which are great additions to the mix.

Xanadu Dress
Xanadu Nails
Xanadu Sofa

Colors that go with Xanadu

To add some contrast to your room add some rocket metallic color. Other green colors go well with xanadu; especially ones that are pale. Xanadu also goes well with light shades of gray, tan, silver and other light metallic colors.

Xanadu Dress Color Combination
Xanadu Nails Color Combination
Xanadu Sofa Color Combination

Xanadu Color Palettes and Schemes

To create an analogous look use other pale green colors. But for more eye-catching color palettes; use tan, other browns or light metallic colors.

Xanadu Dress Color Palette
Xanadu Nails Color Palette
Xanadu Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

As all greens, plant patterns work well with xanadu, with a darker shade for stems and branches and a lighter tint for the leaves. Plain background as we discussed before are greatly painted with xanadu, making both patterns and the plain color great for both physical and electronic wallpapers.

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Abstract Lines
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