Yellow Color

HEX color code is #FAEB36 and the RGB is 250, 235, 54

The color of happiness, optimism and positive thinking; psychologists say it is one of few colors that can cheer up your mood in cloudy days and will ensure to lift you up if you feel down, and it will take you out of the blue.

How the color is made: yellow is a primary color in traditional CYB color system, as well as the CMYK color system used in printers. In RGB color space used in screens though, it is comprised of full range red and green each amounts to 255/255 of the color, with no add blue.

History: yellow is like other primary colors, it has an extensive history dating back almost 17 centuries ago, with cave paintings found colored in yellow ochre. Fast forward, in 1920s a synthetic pigment was created and completely took over. Throughout history, we can see yellow in art from cave paintings to modern interior design, computer graphics and fashion. Whenever I see this, I remember Coldplay's song *Yellow*, as the song totally captures the beauty of this magnificent hue.

Color in Action

Yellow is a hue often associated with happiness, optimism and great well-being. The color is also linked with evoking the appetite, and that's why we see it in restaurant branding, as the color is so spontaneous. It is also considered a color of intriguing, creativity, positivity, and comedy, it is entertaining and inviting; meaning it is very suitable for social occasions.

Yellow Dress
Yellow Nails
Yellow Sofa

Colors that go with Yellow

As the color is vibrant and so warm, a great color that gets along with similar warm colors such as chartreuse, red, orange and bright pink. Yet to tune down the temperature of the color yellow, you can use blue and violet hues, they can be light like azure and aqua or dark as violet, blue and dark blue.

Yellow Dress Color Combination
Yellow Nails Color Combination
Yellow Sofa Color Combination

Yellow Color Palettes and Schemes

Yellow can be used to create an analogous color palette with various shades of the color, oranges, reds and browns. Add some green to the color palette for an added liveliness, dark green is particularly interesting in this case as your palette will be illuminantly balanced. Also, you can pair it with blues, light shades will be inviting and welcoming, while dark blues will create a sophisticated and modern look; especially when they are used as a base for your palette

Yellow Dress Color Palette
Yellow Nails Color Palette
Yellow Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Yellow serves as a great foundation for sunset paintings, but as we discussed earlier it can be used for graphics of restaurants and social events, as either a background color or an accent. As the color is slightly rebellious, non-geometric patterns are the best to be used with yellow. Yet we've all seen black and yellow stripes used as a pattern for warning signs, as yellow is one of the highly visible colors for us. Non-geometric patterns, or sunsets can be used graciously in wallpapers, but the plain color can seem a little overwhelming.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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