Alabaster Color

HEX color code is #F3E7DB and the RGB is 243, 231, 219

Alabaster is a stone that is often used for carving ornaments or statues, it has a light orange tinge but is closer to White. The Alabaster color is best seen in the Pathenon’s columns and structure that sit atop the Acropolis in Greece. The slight Beige and Orange veins in the Alabaster give it its subtle Light Orange glow.

How the color is made: Mix Very Soft Orange into White to achieve a smooth Alabaster color.

History: Historically Alabaster was associated with purity and forgiveness, as is evident in the Biblical story of the Last Supper where Mary Magelene breaks open an Alabaster jar to anoint Jesus’ feet before the impending crucifixion.

Color in Action

Alabaster jewelry in the form of pendants, brooches, and beads can be found in antique and thrift stores as the color and stone start to become trendy again. Alabaster suits and blazers are always a classic style when it comes to wardrobe staples. Alabaster handbags and shoes are great fashion accessories because of their neutrality and freshness.
Use Alabaster in a bedroom to create a fresh and relaxing mood. The slight Orange tinge can make a room feel whimsical and unique. Alabaster lampshades and table clothes are small accessories that allow you to play with the color before making a commitment.

Alabaster Dress
Alabaster Nails
Alabaster Sofa

Colors that go with Alabaster

Complement Alabaster with Soft Blue to create an ethereal mood that feels fresh and natural. Triadic color schemes that use Alabaster, Soft Violet, and Soft Green create a crisp look that can feel like a tonic for the eyes and senses.

Alabaster Dress Color Combination
Alabaster Nails Color Combination
Alabaster Sofa Color Combination

Alabaster Color Palettes and Schemes

Split-complementary color palettes that use Light Grayish Red and Light Grayish Yellow with Alabaster are reminiscent of baked confectionary and the spun sugar dreams of childhood parties on Summer days.

Alabaster Dress Color Palette
Alabaster Nails Color Palette
Alabaster Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Trellis patterns in Alabaster and White feel open and organic, while polka dot wallpapers with Alabaster and Slight Desaturated Orange will create a look that feels quirky but simple.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton