Aubergine Color

HEX color code is #472C4C and the RGB is 71, 44, 76

The color of the famous vegetable, eggplants. A deep dark and vibrant purple color that is often associated with royalty and nobility. Being from the purple color family adds some features of the mystical and the divine to aubergine.

How the color is made: aubergine is found naturally coloring the skin of eggplants, and it can be made by mixing purple with black. In the RGB color space it is made by mixing 71/255 red (~28% of red), 44/255 green (~17% of green), 76/255 blue (~30% of blue). And in the CMYK color space it is made by mixing 7% of cyan, 42% of magenta with 70% of black with no yellow.

History: aubergine is French for eggplants. And as elegant as the name sounds, aubergine holds a special meaning and uses throughout history of royals and the high-class. From Cleopatra, to Julius Caesar, to Queen Elizabeth.
Occurence: In modern times it is used in both fashion and interior design. It is even chosen to be the color of the year 2021 for the International Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design.

Color in Action

Aubergine bestows a magical ambience to where ever put. Wether it is in clothing, accessories, interior design or even paintings. Purple colors, including aubergine, are symbols of power, prestige and tranquillized autonomy. Besides, a suggestion of unprecedented calmness, it is enough to note that it has been the popular choice of the upper-class throughout history.

Aubergine Dress
Aubergine Nails
Aubergine Sofa

Colors that go with Aubergine

Looking at the eggplant, we can depict that green, especially dark tones, are really wonderful when paired with aubergine. Other great colors to match up with aubergine are dark purples such as jacarta, dark puce, or space cadet; these would add an atmospheric vibe to aubergine.

Aubergine Dress Color Combination
Aubergine Nails Color Combination
Aubergine Sofa Color Combination

Aubergine Color Palettes and Schemes

Using other shades of purple, and blues with black can create an energetic yet calming aura to your room. To add more contrast it is better to use light shades of green or brown.

Aubergine Dress Color Palette
Aubergine Nails Color Palette
Aubergine Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

As a nature-inspired color, plant patterns can work extremely well with aubergine. Being dark but not black, grants the color to be used as a background, especially for places where there is lots of natural colors. If used as a background to graphics, it gives a modern look, which make them for an everlasting sense of simplicity.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton