Azul Color

HEX color code is #1D5DEC and the RGB is 29, 93, 236

A vibrant shade of blue often seen in pure skies, ocean and other water surfaces. Blues in general are the most observed colors to the eye, because wherever you look you'd see sky or waters. Blues stimulate an unprecedented calmness and stress-relief, if you want a great escape from work life, have some time gazing at azul and immerse your self into the blue.

How the color is made: azul is made by starting with a blue base and slowly adding black and green until a satisfying tone is reached. Yet in RGB color space, it is made up of 29/255 red (~11.37% of red), 93/255 green (~36.47% of green), 236/255 blue (~92.55% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it is comprised of 87% cyan, 60% magenta, and 7% black, with no yellow added to the mix.

History: blues are considered celestial, hence they don't have extensive history such as black or white. Yet they thrived in the renaissance era, for example we can see azul, as well as other shades of blue in the works of Van Gogh and his contemporaries. Also, we can see them in the works of Pablo Picasso, especially in his so-called blue era.
Occurence: Now, we can see azul in fashion, interior design and other forms of visual media.

Color in Action

Azul gives a great feeling of relaxation, even though it is vibrant, and draws attention if put beside neutrals. Also, it shines with wisdom and practical judgment, hence you can see it in uniforms for industry labors. Yet, it also comes across as trusty and clean, so we can see it in medics uniforms along with white.

Azul Dress
Azul Nails
Azul Sofa

Colors that go with Azul

Colors to create a great dynamic and feel alive alongside azul are pink, gold, yellow-orange, and light green. Yet to get along with creating an analogous and harmonious palette, you should use other shades of blue like azure, sky blue, light blue and the likes. Other warm colors such as yellows, yellow-orange and light shades of brown also work well with azul.

Azul Dress Color Combination
Azul Nails Color Combination
Azul Sofa Color Combination

Azul Color Palettes and Schemes

For creating a sky-like look, use other shades of blue, white and grays. You can add yellow-orange as an accent to make your palette more interesting and keep observers invested. For a beach vibe, you can use shades of blue; alongside sand, beige, dark grays and yellow.

Azul Dress Color Palette
Azul Nails Color Palette
Azul Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

It is obvious that sky-inspired patterns would look wonderful with azul, like cloudy patterns for example. These patterns, as well as the plain color, make up for great backgrounds for any kind of graphic, the best use case is in healthcare posters, flyers and brochures. Wallpapers accented with azul are really cool whether in real-life or digital media.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton