Baby Blue Color

HEX color code is #89CFF0 and the RGB is 137, 207, 240

A soft shade of blue, resembling youth and happiness and embodying trust, reliability, and brightness, and unlike other shades of blue, you can never associate baby blue with sadness, because the name tells baby, which is adorable and very lovely.

How the color is made: the color can by mixing blue or azure with white. And in RGB color space, it consists of 137/255 red (~53.73% of red), 207/255 green (~81.18% of green), 240/255 blue (~94.12% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it amounts to 42% cyan, 13% magenta, and 5% black, with no yellows added to the mix.

History: light shades of blue, such as baby blue, can be made by mixing blue pigments with white. Throughout history, the semi-precious gemstone Lapis Lazuli was used to produce a light shade similar to baby blue. Later, they were replaced with more affordable pigments such as ultramarine and IKB.
Occurence: I can't let go of this section without mentioning Breaking Bad and it is association with the color, it is enough to stress that the final song of the iconic series was named after the color.

Color in Action

Baby blue, due to the trust it has, it is used as a coating color for many medications. In fashion, it is used as an accent for formal suits, self-care packaging design, and also in accessories. And you may find it coloring kitchen equipment, or cabinets. Also it is great as a base color in interior design, as it takes all association of blue without the "blue" part.

Baby Blue Dress
Baby Blue Nails
Baby Blue Sofa

Colors that go with Baby Blue

Baby blue pairs well with many colors such as lavender, mauve, soft pinks, dark shades of blue, green, and gold. Yet for creating a dynamic harmony, it is advised to use pale shades of brown or yellow-orange. Other worthy of mentioning colors are yellow green, lilac, cream, white, and grays.

Baby Blue Dress Color Combination
Baby Blue Nails Color Combination
Baby Blue Sofa Color Combination

Baby Blue Color Palettes and Schemes

To create a feminine palette, focus on using pinkish and soft purples. Neutral colors such as cream, taupe, light tan, white and grays; make baby blue stand out. Yet it can be used as an accent with other vibrant warm colors, it would stand out even though it will appear shy.

Baby Blue Dress Color Palette
Baby Blue Nails Color Palette
Baby Blue Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Being a light shade of blue makes baby blue a natural background color choice for poor-lit areas. It would appear dimmer, yet more charismatic. In wallpapers, it can be used in screens for light interfaces, but it is better to use it in a gradient or a pattern. Patterns of sky would be great if painted in baby blue, especially polka dots on a lighter background.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton