Blue Grey Color

HEX color code is #758DA3 and the RGB is 117, 141, 163

Blue Gray has a cool dignified effect whether painted on a wall or worn as a stylish tailored coat. Its coolness and complexity make it the perfect color to use in artworks of waterfalls and stormy clouds because it communicates strength and solemnity.

How the color is made: Blue Gray is created by combining Very Pale Cyan and Very dark Blue to achieve a dusty cool color.

History: Traditionally, Blue Gray was used by artists to depict authority and stability. Because it was created where Blue and Gray meet on a canvas it is often seen where shadows form or to create dimension, for example in Michaelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.”

Color in Action

Blue Gray is popular in both male and female suits as it communicates competency, dignity, and sound judgment. Blue Gray can also add a chic aesthetic to a wedding worn as a bridesmaid dress.
Blue Gray is a great color to use on a color board when formulating a look for a room, especially when used in luxurious fabrics like velvet or suede for a couch or curtains.

Blue Grey Dress
Blue Grey Nails
Blue Grey Sofa

Colors that go with Blue Grey

Match Blue Gray with Desaturated Dark Orange to compliment it and bring some warmth to the color scheme, and consider adding elements with metallic shimmer to offset the coolness of the Blue. A split-complimentary scheme with Dark Desaturated Red and Dark Desaturated Yellow will add interest to the design.

Blue Grey Dress Color Combination
Blue Grey Nails Color Combination
Blue Grey Sofa Color Combination

Blue Grey Color Palettes and Schemes

An analogous color palette with Blue Gray as the base can be an excellent foundation when building out a design. Designers often like incorporating a Light Grayish Blue with Blue Gray when establishing their mood boards.

Blue Grey Dress Color Palette
Blue Grey Nails Color Palette
Blue Grey Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A brocade pattern that features Blue Gray with Gold and Light Gray accents will enhance a traditional style when decorating in a room. Wallpapers with Moroccan Lattice designs in Blue Gray and White Cream will give a contemporary look to a space.

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