Bone Color

HEX color code is #F2EBE3 and the RGB is 242, 235, 227

If you want a look that whispers modernist romance then Bone is the color you’re looking for. The color Bone is commonly associated with virtue and sacredness. It is seen in the tile detail in the Perugino painting in the Sistine Chapel titled “Jesus handing the Keys to St. Peter representing forgiveness and access to God’s Kingdom.

How the color is made: Bone is made by combining White with Light Grayish Orange to create a neutral hue with a warm tone.

History: Traditionally, Bone was used to depict innocence and truth, and while Bone is a color worn by modern-day birdies it was considered a funeral color in ancient Jpan and China.

Color in Action

A satin Bone-colored shirt worn with a Light Gray suit is a classic look that many fashion designers have tweaked over the years. Celebrities like Ryan Reynolds have been crowned with the title of “Best Dressed Male” simply by wearing classic Bone-colored suits with denim waistcoats when out and about—making Bone clothing a must-have wardrobe essential.
A neutral Bone bedroom creates a sense of peace and refinement. Drapery done in Bone that is matched with subtle Gray bedding, and deep Mahogany furniture will give a room a sense of stateliness but will also feel nurturing because of the slight Orange undertone in Bone that adds warmth.

Bone Dress
Bone Nails
Bone Sofa

Colors that go with Bone

Bone looks exquisite when paired with Light Gray Blue to create a cohesive and balanced vibe. A tetradic color scheme with Light Gray Pink, Light Gray Green, Light Gray Blue, and Bone gives an ambiance of tranquility and composure.

Bone Dress Color Combination
Bone Nails Color Combination
Bone Sofa Color Combination

Bone Color Palettes and Schemes

For a monochromatic color palette, place Bone alongside slightly desaturated Orange and White cream to cream a warm neutral base on which to base your design mood board and that will enhance any other color that is added.

Bone Dress Color Palette
Bone Nails Color Palette
Bone Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Bone backgrounds are ideal for minimalist photoshoots because they allow the light to bounce and elevate the image.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton