Charcoal Color

HEX color code is #3E3E41 and the RGB is 62, 62, 65

Charcoal color is a dark shade of blueish gray that is been used since the dawn of humanity as a pigment for drawing and painting, as well as for many other applications. It can be created by crushing charcoal; hence it have a long history and use cases.
Charcoal color has a neutral, elegant and timeless feel to it, which makes it highly versatile in terms of its uses.

How the color is made: charcoal is made historically by crushing charcoal, in RGB color space it is made of equal amounts of red and green (62/255, or 24% of each), and a slightly higher amount of blue (65/255, or 25.5% of blue). And in CMYK color space it is comprised of 5% cyan, 5% magenta (those make up blue) and 75% of black.

History: charcoal is one of the first used colors throughout history; it can be found in cave paintings dating back to the 15 century B.C. Also, it is used in ancient Egypt, ancient Rome and Greece, and various other cultures. Now, charcoal is an essential color in both dry and wet media, and for the sake it has its own drawing tools as charcoal with different shades is used as a dry pigment.

Color in Action

Charcoal delivers a sense of professionalism and practicality; which are great qualities for formal settings. Yet, dark grays are trendy and fashionable for both clothing and interior design; and charcoal can be used as a base color or as an accent.

Charcoal Dress
Charcoal Nails
Charcoal Sofa

Colors that go with Charcoal

Being a neutral color signifies the amount of colors that can be used with it. Yet to create a perfect combination use vibrant colors from both sides of the spectrum, cools and warms. For instance, pairing charcoal with deep purple tells a story of the modern signaling deepness, calmness, majestic mystery, and authoritative power.

Charcoal Dress Color Combination
Charcoal Nails Color Combination
Charcoal Sofa Color Combination

Charcoal Color Palettes and Schemes

When creating a color palette with charcoal, you must focus on other colors' harmony, this is true for all neutrals not just charcoal. A great color palette might include vibrant purple, violet, yellow and yellow-orange. Also, charcoal work as a perfect accent for any color palette you choose, especially lighter palettes

Charcoal Dress Color Palette
Charcoal Nails Color Palette
Charcoal Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

The greatest pattern fits for charcoal is geometric ones, nonetheless foggy patterns can be nicely rendered using charcoal, white and colors in-between. Plain charcoal isn't a great color choice for backgrounds, unless for dark UIs or one-of-a-kind publication, yet patterns are perfect to be used as wallpapers.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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