Cream Color

HEX color code is #FFFDD0 and the RGB is 255, 253, 208

An off-white versatile color, used not only in painting and as a base for skin tones, but also in many forms of visuals and in interior design. Its yellowish tinge is very subtle although it adds a welcoming vibe, which make it a great replacement for white.

How the color is made: cream is made by starting with a white base and adding tiny amounts of yellow, enough to change the color, but so subtle not become ivory. In RGB color space, its RGB components are 255/255 red (~100.0% of red), 253/255 green (~99.22% of green), 208/255 blue (~81.57% of blue). Yet in CMYK it is made with only 18% of yellow.

History: the first usage of cream as the color we know was in 1707, we can find in many paintings but without emphasize on the color as it is subtle. Now cream is used to base anime character skins, because it is the most dominant color of East Asians' skin. Also it is used as an alternative to white in interior design.

Color in Action

Cream looks like white, so it can be associated with purity, innocence and openness. Though the yellowish tinge gives it more happiness and youth than pure white. The color is versatile and fits almost every other color, so it can be used without any limitations not only in fashion, but in any visual communication.

Cream Dress
Cream Nails
Cream Sofa

Colors that go with Cream

The color cream is versatile and can be inserted in any color palette, wether it is warm or cold, and it also works with both dark and light colors, but if used as a primary color it is better to use darks as secondary colors, and vice versa.

Cream Dress Color Combination
Cream Nails Color Combination
Cream Sofa Color Combination

Cream Color Palettes and Schemes

As mentioned earlier, cream is a neutral color that finds place in any color palette. For instance, you can pick up on its undertone and use yellows, or use completely different colors such as purples; the only thing that really matters is other colors' harmony, so instead focus on using colors that work together, and they will be guaranteed to work with cream.

Cream Dress Color Palette
Cream Nails Color Palette
Cream Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

As its versatility with other colors, any kind of pattern can work with cream, especially if you used it as a base color, remember it perfectly replaces white! Same can be said about backgrounds, besides basing light skin tones upon cream, you can replace your white backgrounds with cream to give it an old - put not so old - vibe, as the paper yellows with time. Art works based on cream make up great wallpapers, especially on screens, as it is not as hard on the eye as white.

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