Dark Green Color

HEX color code is #033500 and the RGB is 3, 53, 0

Dark green, as the name tells, is a dark shade of green that can be found in nature, and in many artworks. Dark green has an undertone of yellow, so it tells a story of happy lively youth with a hint of power and mystery.

How the color is made: dark green is made by mixing green with black and a small amount of yellow for the undertone. In RGB color space, it is comprised of 3/255 red (~1.2 of red), 53/255 green (~21% of green), with no blue. And in CMYK color space it consists of 94% of cyan, 100% of yellow and 79% of black without any magenta.

History: dark green can be seen in almost all nature-inspired drawings, especially as shading color for green parts.
Occurence: It is used as a main color for paper banknotes throughout history; as green is a color for rebirth and regeneration, and dark green shows prosperity, growth and wealth

Color in Action

Dark green is a balance between green and black, so it takes from both in moderation resulting in a unique and great mix. It can be seen as a color of youth and happiness - due to the yellow undertone - and life, rebirth and reemergence. But it can also signify mystery and elegance, touching your soul by emitting a signal of ether and everything's essence.

Dark Green Dress
Dark Green Nails
Dark Green Sofa

Colors that go with Dark Green

Dark green works best with light greens, which can create an elegant harmony. Metallic colors such as gold, silver and gold will make up a great accent with dark green. Other light brownish color will bring more natural feel to dark green; notably, beige, tan, cream. And to add a touch of vibrance, you can use dark violet.

Dark Green Dress Color Combination
Dark Green Nails Color Combination
Dark Green Sofa Color Combination

Dark Green Color Palettes and Schemes

The colors mentioned above can be used as both primary and secondary colors with dark green. As dark green isn't suitable as a base color in areas lacking light. But with more light in your room, you can use dark green as a base color to bring jungle inside for a refreshing look and feel, wooden colors can be used in your furniture.

Dark Green Dress Color Palette
Dark Green Nails Color Palette
Dark Green Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Obviously, plant and natural patterns are good fits for dark green, yet they are better to be based in a lighter color backgrounds. Dark green can be used as a background for nature paintings, especially heavily connected forest scenes. These can make up great physical wallpapers for your room and kitchen, and the bring some organic feeling for computer and phone screen and accessories.

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