Dark Purple Color

HEX color code is #301934 and the RGB is 48, 25, 52

Dar purple is a mysterious color that is derived from the two colors purple and black. It is connected to power, authority and magic thought history. Today, you'll see it in furniture, interior design and fashion, for that sake, it is a trending color for both cloths and hair dyes.

How the color is made: in wet media it is made by mixing purple with black. And in RGB color space, it consists of 48/255 red (~19% of red), 25/255 green (~10% of green), 52/255 blue (~20% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it is comprised of 8% cyan, 52% magenta, and 80% black without any yellows added to the mix.

History: purple itself is considered a symbol of royalty, and it was used by the upper class like Queen Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. Because violet pigments were rare and very pricy.
Occurence: In modern times, you may find dark purple in graphics, and fashion as it gives an atmospheric vibe to wherever put. Now, it is one of the trending colors for hair dyes.

Color in Action

Dark purple gives a magical and mysterious look and feeling, wether used in graphic design, interior design, or in fashion. It gives a feeling of majesty and power, without being too loud, that's assertion. Also dark purple takes some of black's features like being hard to fathom like the nature of everything.

Dark Purple Dress
Dark Purple Nails
Dark Purple Sofa

Colors that go with Dark Purple

Shades of green neutralize the feeling of darkness and adds some life to dark purple. To create a harmonious look to further intensify the feeling of mystery, use other dark shades of purple, slate gray. Other colors like white and silver draw eyes attention to dark purple.

Dark Purple Dress Color Combination
Dark Purple Nails Color Combination
Dark Purple Sofa Color Combination

Dark Purple Color Palettes and Schemes

Greens give some life to dark purple, adding that dark purple itself shines with majesty, power, and authority, that will become a heavenly mix. Yet to create an analogous look and feel, use other shades of green. Dark purple works best with neutral bases, add it as an accent to your light gray painted areas in the form of furniture to create a great color harmony.

Dark Purple Dress Color Palette
Dark Purple Nails Color Palette
Dark Purple Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Dark purple is a great color choice for dark user interfaces, both as a background and as an accent, because it works well with dark colors. Both natural, and geometric patterns can be nicely rendered with dark purple; and another worthy of noting visual is gradients, which are really cool if the right color are chosen alongside dark purple. All of these, make up for really interesting wallpapers for both digital and physical media.

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Abstract Lines
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