Deep Purple Color

HEX color code is #36013F and the RGB is 54, 1, 63

The Oscar de la Renta jeweled Deep Purple gown that Kendal Jenner wore during one of the runway shows is cited as one of the model’s most iconic looks to date. Deep Purple works well on any skin tone whether dark or light because of its dark hue and strangely warm temperature range on the color wheel.

How the color is made: Deep Purple is made by blending dark magenta with black to create a color that is as dark as a stormy night’s sky.

History: Deep Purple was historically the most regal color and was reserved for use by royalty. It was extremely expensive to make and was therefore always in short supply and coveted by many upper-class aristocrats.

Color in Action

Deep Purple is popular as a color for evening wear and has graced many red-carpet events. Gloria Reuben wore an Oliver Tolentino Couture dark purple silk organza mermaid gown complete with rosette cut-outs when she attended the 85th annual Academy Awards show. Her dark hair and tanned skin looked fantastic in the warm purple dress.
Try using Deep Purple in a bathroom for a little depth and interest, or as an accent color in a living room by incorporating it into lampshades and cushion covers. Deep Purple artwork in gold frames on a light grey wall will add some drama to a space without overdoing it.

Deep Purple Dress
Deep Purple Nails
Deep Purple Sofa

Colors that go with Deep Purple

For a complementary color scheme with a twist why not try Deep Purple with sage green, pistachio, and Amethyst for a color scheme that feels as crips as freshly picked asparagus stalls on an early spring morning.

Deep Purple Dress Color Combination
Deep Purple Nails Color Combination
Deep Purple Sofa Color Combination

Deep Purple Color Palettes and Schemes

Deep Purple, dark magenta, and bright magenta will form a monochromatic color palette that can work well in designs that are used in the health and wellness industries.

Deep Purple Dress Color Palette
Deep Purple Nails Color Palette
Deep Purple Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Medallion patterns in Deep Purple will feel organic and wholesome. Try wallpaper designs with Deep Purple gingham patterns too.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton