Ebony Color

HEX color code is #555D50 and the RGB is 85, 93, 80

A dark pale brown color that is characterized by its origins' scarcity. Ebony is the color of dark wood used to carve chess pieces and other fancy wooden statues. It have a very special look and feel to it.

How the color is made: ebony is a natural color derived from tropical trees found in India and Sri Lanka. It can be made by adding black to brown. In RGB color space it amounts to 85/255 red (~33% of red), 93/255 green (~36% of green), 80/255 blue (~31% of blue). And in CMYK color space it consists mainly of black (64%), yet it contains some cyan (9%) and yellow (14%) hence the olive undertone.

History: ebony is a valuable hardwood used in pricy furniture, chess, piano keys, and other fancy things. Yet the first documented use of ebony was in ancient Egypt, and ebony is a direct translation of the word "hbny". In ancient Egypt, dark colors were associated with fertility and prosperity as it is the color of mud when Nile floods.

Color in Action

Ebony, as a dark shade of brown, emphasizes the fertility of earth. Hence it gives a lively vibe to your room, but it is better used as an accent for that purpose. Also, it is elegant and more alive that black, it is connected to prestige due to the value of the wood. It have a serious look and feel, making it perfect for formal settings such as offices' furniture.

Ebony Dress
Ebony Nails
Ebony Sofa

Colors that go with Ebony

Other dark shades of brown are really wonderful paired up with ebony. Yet, dark purples create add more elegance to the one already present in ebony. It can be paired with lighter colors such as gold, and orange-yellow.

Ebony Dress Color Combination
Ebony Nails Color Combination
Ebony Sofa Color Combination

Ebony Color Palettes and Schemes

The previously mentioned colors can create pleasant color palettes if we focused on striking color harmony. For example to create an analogous look and feel, you should use dark browns, and dark green. Yet to add some interest we can add accents of purple, gold, or yellow.

Ebony Dress Color Palette
Ebony Nails Color Palette
Ebony Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Ebony is a color for the core of a tree, so wood patterns are a natural and perfect choice. Yet, geometric patterns are also great in ebony, especially when using a lighter color with it. These patterns as well as plain color are great as a background for some of nature-inspired paintings, they are also great to use as wallpapers for both screens and physical media.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton