Eggplant Color

HEX color code is #483248 and the RGB is 72, 50, 72

Perhaps the most underrated color is Eggplant and that’s probably due to its link to the unappealing vegetable that gave it its name. But Eggplant is a regal and luxurious color that has draped the figures of gorgeous actresses like Kiera Knightley and Resse Witherspoon in the last 10 to 12 years.

How the color is made: To make Eggplant mix mostly desaturated dark magenta with black to achieve a purple so deep it looks like the night sky.

History: Historically, Eggplant was a color reserved for the use of the royal family alone. This is because of the costly process of extracting the purple dye required to make a deep purple color.

Color in Action

Eggplant’s dark purple hue makes it a perfect color for those who want to wear black but feel that it may be too boring. Eggplant has a depth that hides all imperfections and blemishes. Eggplant outfits or dresses can be paired with silver jewelry and turquoise stones for a mystical look, or it can be paired with gold for an elevated aesthetic.
Eggplant can look wonderful in a boudoir and will add instant sensuality and allure. Try accessorizing with an Eggplant comforter or throw in chenille or silk for that extra dash of luxury.

Eggplant Dress
Eggplant Nails
Eggplant Sofa

Colors that go with Eggplant

Match Eggplant with a deep hunter green for a complementary color combination that oozes opulence and drama.

Eggplant Dress Color Combination
Eggplant Nails Color Combination
Eggplant Sofa Color Combination

Eggplant Color Palettes and Schemes

Eggplant’s more obvious color palette will include hues within the same purple range like violet, grape, and iris. Be careful not to overdo this monochrome palette or it may feel dull and suffocating.

Eggplant Dress Color Palette
Eggplant Nails Color Palette
Eggplant Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Gingham patterns with Eggplant and white will feel fun and imaginative, while wallpapers with Eggplant and metallic gold will have a sophisticated mood. Try using a background with a polka dot design in Eggplant and cream for a vintage feel with a modern twist.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton