Glaucous Color

HEX color code is #6082B6 and the RGB is 96, 130, 182

Glaucous is the color of fantasies and waterfalls. It has a hue that is slightly darker than Periwinkle Blue and a magical twinge of Violet in its undertone. The Blue base of Glaucous gives it a masculine feel that is often associated with potency and stability.

How the color is made: To make Glaucous mix Very Pale Cyan with Very Dark Blue.

History: Glaucous was a color that was typically used when painting landscape portraits that included cloudy sky, or oceanic scenes. It depicts bravery and strength.

Color in Action

Not surprisingly Glaucous was quite popular in the 2022/2023 fashion ranges in New York Fashion Week. Designers like No Sesso, Dion Lee, and Khaite incorporated Glaucous into their collections. Glaucous was seen in everything from faux fur jackets to full workwear suits, oversized knitwear, and palazzo pants.
Glaucous works well in a main bedroom because of its frosty feel and can harmonize a space when used with warm Bronze or Orange tones. Use Glaucous drapery to create a floaty feel in a room, and try it as a wall color to make a room feel more spacious.

Glaucous Dress
Glaucous Nails
Glaucous Sofa

Colors that go with Glaucous

Match Glaucous with Gold for an elevated look that feels balanced and mysterious. The cold Blue tone in Glaucous will be enhanced by the warmth of the Gold.

Glaucous Dress Color Combination
Glaucous Nails Color Combination
Glaucous Sofa Color Combination

Glaucous Color Palettes and Schemes

Pair Glaucous with Slightly Desaturated Blue and Slightly Desaturate Cyan for an analogous color palette that has oceanic vibes and a refreshing feel.

Glaucous Dress Color Palette
Glaucous Nails Color Palette
Glaucous Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Glaucous backgrounds can have cloud-like formations to create a floaty and ethereal feel in a design. Paisley patterns with Glaucous, Cream White, and Metallic Silver will create a look that feels spectral and charming. A Glaucous wallpaper with Fleur de Lis patterns in Gold will add a sense of sophistication and old-world charm.

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