Graphite Color

HEX color code is #41424C and the RGB is 65, 66, 76

A dark shade of gray sometimes mistaken for charcoal, a deep metallic gray color with an imperceivable bluish undertone. It is neutral and timeless, yet speaking the unspoken language of modernism and practicality.

How the color is made: graphite is made by adding white, black and small amount of blue. In RGB color space, graphite consists of 65/255 red (~25.5% of red), 66/255 green (~25.9% of green) and 76/255 blue (~29.8% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it is made by adding 14% of cyan, 13% of magenta, 0% of yellow, and 70% of black.

History: non-colors such as white, black and colors in between are the most versatile colors history-wise.
Occurence: Graphite is found in nature in a form of a crystalized material, and it is where the color got its name. Now, it is used extensively in both digital media and natural one. It is one of the trending colors in interior design too.

Color in Action

Graphite is a neutral color that has some metallic look due to its blue undertone, it is a really great modern color to be used in any media. It feels practical, sensible and sophisticated, also it is very professional hence in can be used in workspaces. And for its sleekness and dirt resistance, it gives a polished look to bathroom floors, and kitchen cabinets.

Graphite Dress
Graphite Nails
Graphite Sofa

Colors that go with Graphite

Neutral colors, not only graphite, go well with multiple hues of the color spectrum. Color choices solely depend on their harmony and matches with each other.

Graphite Dress Color Combination
Graphite Nails Color Combination
Graphite Sofa Color Combination

Graphite Color Palettes and Schemes

The complementary color for graphite is a brownish shade of gray, which adds some subtle contrast. Add some light colors to draw attention to graphite, dark olive green is also an interesting addition to your palette.

Graphite Dress Color Palette
Graphite Nails Color Palette
Graphite Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Geometric patterns emphasize graphite's modern look. A crystal-inspired palette on a light color will be what you want for creating a great background to your trendy graphics, add some subtle gradients to add a more metallic ans polished look. Such backgrounds are really great to use as a stylish wallpaper for your screen.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton