Ice Blue Color

HEX color code is #739BD0 and the RGB is 115, 155, 208

A pale light shade of blue, commonly known as ice blue with a duet of calmness and coldness; serving a perfect resemblance of winter and its vibes. Being a light pale color make ice blue a good replacement for light grays.

How the color is made: ice blue is made by mixing very light gray with blue or cyan. In RGB color space used in screens, its components are 115/255 red (~45.1% of red), 155/255 green (~60.78% of green), 208/255 blue (~81.57% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it amounts to 44% cyan, 25% magenta, and 18% black, without any yellow added.

History: the color is used to describe ice as ice glaciers are often color in the same tint of blue. Blues in general, don't have extensive history such as black or white. A pricy pigment extracted from Lapis Lazuli, later synthetic pigments were starting to thrive. With white and black, you can use ultramarine or IKB to reach ice blue.

Color in Action

The color ice blue lets you remember winter times and coldness, so if used in winter you'll seem belonging. And it can be used in summer to counteract the heat. In cloths however, it comes across as deep, calm, wise and intelligent. In interior design though, it can be dull and unwelcoming if paired with other cool colors.

Ice Blue Dress
Ice Blue Nails
Ice Blue Sofa

Colors that go with Ice Blue

The color appears like a dark pastel blue, so other cool pastel colors would be a great match for ice blue. Light beige is a wonderful fit for ice and it doesn't matter how much you use of any, they would never appear too much. And to create an analogous look, you should use other shades of blue. To add more dynamics, use pale pinks, pale purples, or pale greens.

Ice Blue Dress Color Combination
Ice Blue Nails Color Combination
Ice Blue Sofa Color Combination

Ice Blue Color Palettes and Schemes

Pastel-inspired color palettes might include pale lavender, pale pink, beige and light grays, these would be very relaxing to the eye even if pale worm pastels were used. To create a water palette, use blue of various shades, sea green, white and light grays.

Ice Blue Dress Color Palette
Ice Blue Nails Color Palette
Ice Blue Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Opposing to vibrant blues, ice blue can be used as a background for any media wether electronic or physical. And as ice is formed in crystals, crystal patterns seem a natural choice for ice blue. These patterns, plain color, or a gradient with another pastel color will make a great wallpaper, especially for light interfaces on screens.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton