Light Peach Color

HEX color code is #FFF1DC and the RGB is 255, 241, 220

Light Peach is the color of icy smooth sorbet, its sweet and tangy taste melting on the tongue and sliding down the throat. The color looks like the perfectly ripe flesh of a white peach that has been sliced open. It feels like the last hot and sticky days of summer before the fall leaves start to change and tumble from the tree tops.

How the color is made: Blend white with pale orange to create the soft and delicate color of Light Peach.

History: Traditionally, Light Peach is a color that was associated with purity and youth. Ir was often the color that renaissance artists used to paint the pale flesh of maidens and virgins to depict their innocence and morality.

Color in Action

Many weddings have the color Light Peach incorporated into the decor because it creates a soft and feminine atmosphere. Pale roses and carnations with a Light Peach hue look especially delicate and darling when used in arrangements of baby’s breath flowers and eucalyptus leaves.
Light Peach makes an excellent base color for use in interior design because of its subtle rosy and warm hue. Designers like to use this color to bring some lightness and softness into the look they are creating.

Light Peach Dress
Light Peach Nails
Light Peach Sofa

Colors that go with Light Peach

Match Light Peach with soft blue for a look that is reminiscent of the taste of peach and blueberry ice cream on a sweltering summer’s day.

Light Peach Dress Color Combination
Light Peach Nails Color Combination
Light Peach Sofa Color Combination

Light Peach Color Palettes and Schemes

Use very pale red and very pale yellow with Light Peach to create an analogous color palette that feels fruity and delicate. Color palettes with Light Peach, very light orange, pure orange, and white cream will create a monochromatic look that feels calm.

Light Peach Dress Color Palette
Light Peach Nails Color Palette
Light Peach Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Backgrounds that are painted a solid Light Peach color are perfect for summer and spring photoshoots. Wallpaper that has a brown base with Light Peach Fleur de lis patterns will give a space some old-world charm.

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Abstract Lines
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