Linen Color

HEX color code is #FAF0E6 and the RGB is 250, 240, 230

The color linen is a neutral color that creates a classic feel when used in clothing and interior design. Linen is a favored color of manufacturers who produce furnishings with a fresh feel, like couch slipcovers and curtains because it matches well with any other color.

How the color is made: Linen is a light color created using white and Light Grey Orange. It is considered a pale warm color because of its subtle peachy undertone.

History: The name linen comes from the fabric of the same name because, in its undyed and untreated state, the woven fibers have a light warm grey look. Undergarments were historically a linen color because they were undyed.

Color in Action

The relaxed and breezy look of linen makes it an ideal color to wear when at the beach or while sailing. Its naturally cool color makes it perfect for wearing on hot summer days because it keeps the wearer cool and relaxed.
The neutral and classic look of Linen is favored by many high-end fashion designers like Dior, Thom Brown, and Fendi because of the effortlessly stylish looks it creates.

Linen Dress
Linen Nails
Linen Sofa

Colors that go with Linen

Linen matches well with Light Pale Blue because they are both subtle colors—with linen being a warmer color and Pale Light Blue a cool one. However, Linen also works wonderfully with a deep Navy Blue, especially in a nautical-themed outfit or interior scheme.

Linen Dress Color Combination
Linen Nails Color Combination
Linen Sofa Color Combination

Linen Color Palettes and Schemes

Color palettes that incorporate Linen with Dark Greyish Yellow and Very Soft Orange create a feminine look with some interest, especially when paired with brass-colored accessories, for example, a lamp base in interior design, or a belt buckle in fashion design.

Linen Dress Color Palette
Linen Nails Color Palette
Linen Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Textured Linen wallpaper adds a level of sophistication to a room, especially when used with tonal variations to create variety in the design. Linear patterns that are created with Very Soft Blue, Linen, and Very Dark Grayish Red add an element of intrigue to a room.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton