Midnight Blue Color

HEX color code is #020035 and the RGB is 2, 0, 53

A slightly modern term for the shade of blue that is used by great artists such Van Gogh as it appears boldly in his masterpiece Starry Night. Midnight blue can be observed naturally in full moon lit skies, especially when there is more night light, and it can be vividly depicted in areas surrounding the moon itself.

How the color is made: midnight blue is a dark shade of blue almost identifiable as black to the eye. It can be made by mixing blue pigment with black in substantial quantity. In RGB colo space it is made by adding up 2/255 red (~0.8% of red), 53/255 blue (~21% of blue) with no green. And in CMYK color space it is made by mixing 96% of cyan, 100% of magenta and 79% of black, hence the dark hue.

History: the term midnight blue only formulated in the 20th century, but this particular shade has been used in multiple artworks like Van Gogh's Starry Night and Cafe Terrace at Night. Also, another dark shade of blue has been in use since 1959 called IKB, standing for Klein International Blue.
Occurence: Nowadays, it is used to add an elegance to graphics and living spaces.

Color in Action

Midnight blue adds a charming wit to artworks and living spaces, with a hint of power and wisdom. The color takes some of the characteristics of black, adding some neutrality and mystery to it. Blues are associated with boosting mentality with a dose of calmness, this can be said to midnight blue as well.

Midnight Blue Dress
Midnight Blue Nails
Midnight Blue Sofa

Colors that go with Midnight Blue

Neutrality adds up to midnight blue some of the greatest features, making it suitable for a wide variety of colors. But make sure to use a light color as it contrasts well our color, and for that purpose, light greens, pink, white and beige are wonderful alongside the starry color. Olive green is midnight blue's complementary color, so it can be used with it without hesitation.

Midnight Blue Dress Color Combination
Midnight Blue Nails Color Combination
Midnight Blue Sofa Color Combination

Midnight Blue Color Palettes and Schemes

Light colors will draw attention to night blue like moths to flames, creating a perfect color harmony to the cool color. Another great color palette might contain olive and sage green with various light gray tones. Warm colors such as red and pink can also be used in a dynamic color palette with night blue.

Midnight Blue Dress Color Palette
Midnight Blue Nails Color Palette
Midnight Blue Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

When used as a full background, it seems celestial both physically and metaphorically. Pattens of stars, and clouds can are perfect in night blue. And they can be used as wallpapers to boost calmness and mystery in a nice blend.

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