Navy Color

HEX color code is #232649 and the RGB is 35, 38, 73

Navy is a dark blue color, it is the color of ocean and deep waters. And it is one of few colors emphasizing tranquility, calmness, and deep yet perceivable wiseness. And being a dark shade of blue make it a great replacement for black without that feeling of dark, remorse and sadness black emits.

How the color is made: navy is made by mixing blue with black with very little amounts of green to give an undertone. In RGB color space it is comprised of 35/255 red (~13.7% of red), 38/255 green (~14.9% of green), 78/255 blue (~30.6% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it consists of 52% of cyan, 48% of magenta, and 71% of black.

History: blues in general are preferred because people are used to them; every where you look you'll see sky, navy is a dark shade of blue that can be seen in Van Gogh's masterpieces. Any ways, navy has been also used with navy blue as a uniform for naval forces across the globe.

Color in Action

Navy is a resemblance of ocean, its deepness and calming effect. Green undertones, even if not perceivable, it gives a lively feeling to navy. Making it more interesting than other dark shades of blue. Anyways, it fits being a replacement of black; as it inherits some of the best features of black without picking up on its cons.

Navy Dress
Navy Nails
Navy Sofa

Colors that go with Navy

A direct complementary for navy, is dark olive green, it can give quite an astonishing look for navy. Yet, for creating a harmonious and eye-friendly look and feel use other shades of blue. Other colors such as tan, deep brown, and greens are also very great when used alongside navy.

Navy Dress Color Combination
Navy Nails Color Combination
Navy Sofa Color Combination

Navy Color Palettes and Schemes

Sky-inspired palettes such as ones having white, light grey, silver, red, and yellow-orange are really great. Also it can be used as a part of backgrounds featuring natural views, which will be awesome and have a calming effect.

Navy Dress Color Palette
Navy Nails Color Palette
Navy Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

As the color seems practical and a color that boosts the feeling of calmness, geometric patterns are nicely rendered using navy blue; another worthy of noting backgrounds are gradients. These patterns mentioned can be used as backgrounds and wallpaper for any visual media.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton