Off White Color

HEX color code is #F5F5F5 and the RGB is 245, 245, 245

As the name sounds the color is a white but a little bit off. The color can replace white perfectly, and it will give a sophisticated look to whatever kind of visual. And of course most people know the name from the famous fashion brand Off-White, which incorporate the color seamlessly with their brand.

How the color is made: start off with a white base and then add a tiny amount of black to achieve off white. And in RGB color space, as many grays, it is comprised of equal proportions of red, green and blue, and for off white it is 245/255 of the component (~96.08% of the color component). And in CMYK color space, it is made with just 3% black, without adding cyan, magenta, or yellow.

History: the color white, along with black and red, has the most extensive history amongst others. Its been used by stone-age man by using chalk, calcite or lime stone. White have been used by popes and priests to portray purity and genuinely good intentions. And in many eastern cultures, wedding dresses are white. Also, we can't let go of this section without mentioning the legendary fashion brand by the designer Virgil Abloh which is named Off-White, and became dominant brand in the fashion industry.

Color in Action

Just like white, off white symbolizes purity, open-mindedness, clarity and simplicity. And Leonardo Da Vinci once said, "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", and using off white will ensure you to convey this quality in whatever graphics you. Also, off white, like white, appears innocent, sacred and spiritual in religious contexts. And the purity and cleanness of t he color make it a choice for toilets, bathtubs and areas where a clean vibe has to be communicated; likewise, white is a color of peace, and off white can be used to send the same message.

Off White Dress
Off White Nails
Off White Sofa

Colors that go with Off White

As many neutrals, you can't pinpoint specific colors that match off white. Because, almost any color of the color spectrum satisfies the condition of being well-paired with them. The only thing that matters is not using impure whites such as off white alongside pure white, as it will communicate the wrong message making our color appear dirty!

Off White Dress Color Combination
Off White Nails Color Combination
Off White Sofa Color Combination

Off White Color Palettes and Schemes

As discussed above, you can use off white with almost all colors, you should focus on other colors' harmonies though, that means you should pick compatible colors and then pair them with off white. Off white with shades of blue, gives a sky vibe, as off white better resembles clouds than white.

Off White Dress Color Palette
Off White Nails Color Palette
Off White Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Like white, off white can be used as a background color for almost any type of painting, as the background color - paper - is white in most cases. And off white will appear a little more interesting than white for that purpose. That can be said for wallpapers also, as the darkened white is more eye-friendly than pure white, especially on screens. Patterns though, can be rendered in off white, obviously it will be used as a background color for such patterns.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton