Onyx Color

HEX color code is #353839 and the RGB is 53, 56, 57

Gray colors are often neutral, thus they lack character. That often makes them very dull and boring to withstand. But that not the case with Onyx, as it is a very dark - almost black - shade of gray. Unlike pure black, Onyx is somehow more suitable for various use cases as it is not as sharp as black.

How the color is made: it is a mix of black with a small quantity of white, to be exact it have a faint trace of green and blue (or cyan).

Color in Action

Onyx, the color, got its name from the gemstone with the same name. Even though the gemstone comes with various colors (shades of red, green, yellow, black with stripes of white). Black Onyx is the most famous variety, and it was used in ancient Egypt. Also, it was considered sacred by ancient Romans due to its connection with Mars, god of war.
Nowadays, Onyx is not only used in jewelry (even though black Onyx is trendy in the fashion world). You can find Onyx used in dark themes in various applications; and honestly it gives a very professional and friendly look to the app. Also it works well as a main color in internal design as creates an aura of subtle seriousness that fits almost all tastes. And as an accent, it seem to sync with various colors (both dark and light), which creates a great harmony to your color palette.

Onyx Dress
Onyx Nails
Onyx Sofa

Colors that go with Onyx

Onyx is close to black, so any color that pairs well with black is a good match for Onyx. In interior design, if Onyx is used as a primary color; then deep colors (such as deep red, deep yellow, deep green, emerald, ...) are really perfect matches, and inheriting fitting with vibrant colors from its close proximity to black. Also, bright colors work well with Onyx if used as an accent.

Onyx Dress Color Combination
Onyx Nails Color Combination
Onyx Sofa Color Combination

Onyx Color Palettes and Schemes

Onyx color palettes may include any of the great matches mentioned above. Yet when choosing an Onyx palette; you should focus more on other colors' harmony, as Onyx fits almost all of them if used individually. For example, if you are using a deep yellow; yellowish whites like Ivory and Khaki would be impeccable matches.

Onyx Dress Color Palette
Onyx Nails Color Palette
Onyx Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Geometric patterns emphasize Onyx's sophistication and seriousness. But to create a more fluid and organic look, non-geometric textures can be used. Such patterns create more interesting backgrounds and wallpapers than using just plain Onyx.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton