Pale Color

HEX color code is #FAF9DE and the RGB is 250, 249, 222

Pale is a light color that can be seen in the skin tones of ancient French artwork like François Boucher’s, “The Love Letter” which was painted in 1750. Pale is a color associated with purity and innocence. It also invokes the idea of youth and modesty when used to paint young ladies.

How the color is made: Pale is made by combining Pure white with Pale Yellow and is therefore a color that falls on the warm side of the color wheel.

History: Perhaps the most famous painting that has its central figure created almost entirely using the color Pale is “The Birth of Venus” (1486) by Sandro Botticelli. Pale was a color that artists were fond of using when painting holy figures like gods or people ordained by God, like Mary.

Color in Action

Pale works well when used as a neutral base for painting walls in living spaces. Pale is also a color that works well as clothing, like blouses, worn by people with tanned or darker skin because it contrasts well with darker colors.
Pale depicts freshness and intelligence. A Pale suit creates a feeling of timelessness and sophistication when paired with a Navy Blue shirt.

Pale Dress
Pale Nails
Pale Sofa

Colors that go with Pale

Pale can be matched with very Pale Violet and Very Pale Blue to create a light-hearted feel that makes one think of sweet powdery sherbet. While matching Pale with Very Pale Cyan and Very Pale Magenta, in a triadic scheme depicts the freshness of Spring.

Pale Dress Color Combination
Pale Nails Color Combination
Pale Sofa Color Combination

Pale Color Palettes and Schemes

Tonal variations of Pale Yellow can be achieved by adding small amounts of Gray to cool Pale down, while the saturation of Pale can be intensified to make the color more concentrated.

Pale Dress Color Palette
Pale Nails Color Palette
Pale Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Pale wallpaper that has ornate flowers creates a country cottage feel in a home. A textured Pale wallpaper will work well in a dining room because of its calming effect.

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