Pearl Color

HEX color code is #F5EBDA and the RGB is 245, 235, 218

Pearl interiors in homes create a sense of urbane organic calm when used with Maroon and cream colors. Pearl’s pale neutral base makes it ideal for use as a foundation color in almost all outfits and design situations. Pearl has a subtle elegance to it that speaks of classic refinement and poise.

How the color is made: Pearl is created by mixing White with Very Soft Orange so that it has a subdued warm texture.

History: Pearl is a color associated with purity, truth, and virtue. In Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” the female figure to the right of Venus (Hora of Spring) who is clothed in a Pearl-colored dress with floral insignia, is holding out a robe to the goddess to clothe her in virtue.

Color in Action

Whether as a fluffy oversized knitted sweater or a streamlined ankle-length coat, Pearl is a color that oozes refinement and class. Its classic appeal means it is a favorite fashion piece in each season. Pearl-colored dresses can look great in Summer when worn with sandals or in Winter when worn in full wool suits.
Add a sense of intrigue to a Pearl interior by mixing in different wood types and shades to create warmth and comfort. Deep Brick Red works fantastically with Pearl to tone down its starkness.

Pearl Dress
Pearl Nails
Pearl Sofa

Colors that go with Pearl

Because Pearl is considered a neutral color it can work well with virtually any color. Try pairing Pearl with Emerald Green for an impressive look, or with Pale Blue for a breezy feel in a room.

Pearl Dress Color Combination
Pearl Nails Color Combination
Pearl Sofa Color Combination

Pearl Color Palettes and Schemes

Pearl and Silver can form a monochromatic palette that feels cold, while Pearl and Gold will be warmer, it all depends on the atmosphere that needs to be created with the design

Pearl Dress Color Palette
Pearl Nails Color Palette
Pearl Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

A herringbone pattern created with Onyx and Pearl will feel classic and elegant. But a floral wallpaper that has a Pearl base with cherry blossoms and dark wood branches will have a fantastical feel.

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