Royal Blue Color

HEX color code is #4169E1 and the RGB is 65, 105, 225

A strong vivid and deep shade of blue, associated often with extravagance, royalty, and wise authority. A shade that can be used to cool down spaces and add a watery vibe wherever put.

How the color is made: in wet media, you can get this hue by mixing blue with red a little at a time. And in RGB color space, it consists of 65/255 red (~25.49% of red), 105/255 green (~41.18% of green), 225/255 blue (~88.24% of blue). And in CMYK color space, it consists of 71% cyan, 53% magenta, and 11% black with no yellow.

History: the royal part came from a competition to design a dress for Queen Charlotte during the 1810s. Back then the color was a bit darker, until a brighter shade took the place an the name of the color with the inception of the web. The color is used extensively in the UK; as it is also the main color of its flag.

Color in Action

Royal blue's association doesn't end up with being a "royal" color for high class people; it extends to being a color of deep tranquil and mental clearance. And like many shades of blue, royal blue is a color of intelligence, deepness, and the wise, so whether dressed in royal blue or used in interior design, it will ensure the conveyance of these qualities. The color also can feel sad and down as blue are associated with being "blue".

Royal Blue Dress
Royal Blue Nails
Royal Blue Sofa

Colors that go with Royal Blue

A complementary to royal blue is a light brown shade closer to tulip tree, and together they create interesting dynamics. Yet the color also works well with similar colors such as vibrant blues and purples, and with these the colors would seem organized and in sync. Though you can use warmer color such as greens, yellows, mid tone reds and dark pinks, to cheer up your palette a little; albeit it is advised to use royal blue as a main color to make it stand out.

Royal Blue Dress Color Combination
Royal Blue Nails Color Combination
Royal Blue Sofa Color Combination

Royal Blue Color Palettes and Schemes

To create an analogous palette, use other shades of blue alongside royal blue. And although violets are somewhat cool colors, beside royal blue they appear warmer, and the create interesting palettes and gradients together. To add further temperature, use warm colors such as yellows, pinks and mid-tone reds.

Royal Blue Dress Color Palette
Royal Blue Nails Color Palette
Royal Blue Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Blues seem to be made for backgrounds, for that matter they are the background of outdoors, from the sky to waters; meaning royal blue can be used as a foundation for sky- and sea-scapes. The color make up for great wallpapers, but it is better to cheer them up with a warmer color as an accent or with a gradient. Patterns of the sky and see are particularly interesting when rendered in royal blue.

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Abstract Lines
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