Sky Blue Color

HEX color code is #9FB9E2 and the RGB is 159, 185, 226

The predominant color of the sky and reflective water surfaces. The human are used to sky blue, to the point of becoming a neutral color that fits a wide range of the visible spectrum. Blues, including sky blue, give a feeling of an unprecedented tranquility and comfort; making it a perfect color choice not only to restrooms and home interiors. But also a color choice for clothing and places where trustworthiness is required such as banks, clinics, and hospitals, from exterior design to uniforms.

How the color is made: sky blue is slightly light and neutral shade of blue, so it can be made by mixing ultramarine with titanium white and to darken the color a little bit you can add tiny amounts of black or any other dark color. In RGB color space, it is made up of 159/255 red (~62.35% of red), 185/255 green (~72.55% of green), 226/255 blue (~88.63% of blue). And in CMYK color space, its components are 29% cyan, 18% magenta, 0% yellow, and 11% black.

History: the first blue pigment giving a shade closer to sky blue was synthesized in ancient Egypt. But after the fall of ancient Egypt, it took a while to create blue pigment; the only viable option was Lapis Lazuli, which came from a precious gemstone making it an unaffordable option for artists. Yet, after the renaissance another French pigment was created called ultramarine; which is even more rich and can be used to create a rich sky blue, as we can see from masterpieces of that era.

Color in Action

Sky blue, even though a color of the sky, come across as a calm and soothing color. Making you remember how peaceful and welcoming clear days are. In interior design, it can be used as a stress- and anger-reliving agent, especially if used as a base color. In exteriors, it adds a sense of belonging, making a building blend with the sky seamlessly. Although, in fashion it is associated with wisdom, trustworthiness and patience as sky blue is simply there waiting for you to meditate its beauty without fighting for your attention; giving a sense of confidence

Sky Blue Dress
Sky Blue Nails
Sky Blue Sofa

Colors that go with Sky Blue

Sky blue can be paired with neutrals such as white, light grays, taupe and any gray with an undertone. The direct complement for sky blue is desert sand, a pale brownish yellow color; which will provide maximal contrast if used wisely, pun not intended, with sky blue. For an analogous look and feel, use pale shades of blue or violet. Yet for a more dynamic and interesting color harmony, use pale shades of yellow, yellow-orange, rose and green.

Sky Blue Dress Color Combination
Sky Blue Nails Color Combination
Sky Blue Sofa Color Combination

Sky Blue Color Palettes and Schemes

To create a sky look, use white, light grays, and yellowish colors (as accents) with sky blue. To add some interest, use pale warm colors like taupe, beige, and pale rose, or lime green. The best harmony can be achieved by using a pale brown such as sand. Mind not to over-select color, a meaningful color palette is a one with limited swatches.

Sky Blue Dress Color Palette
Sky Blue Nails Color Palette
Sky Blue Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Sky blue can be graciously used as a background for any kinds of visuals, from accessories to uniforms, interiors and even exteriors. Patterns inspired by th sky will obviously look gorgeous when based on sky blue, yet geometric patterns also have a share in sky blue, finalized building plans are drawn in blue prints, a darker shade of blue. Meaning that sky blue geometric patterns are highly polish

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
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