Slate Color

HEX color code is #516572 and the RGB is 81, 101, 114

If you are looking for a tranquil color that feels cool and crisp then go for Slate. Its muted tone and grayish wash give it a laidback feel while also making the design feel trendy and progressive. Slate’s mature feel makes it the ideal color for corporate branding and logo design. It has an understated appeal that keeps it feeling current and reliable.

How the color is made: Adding Black to Very Soft Blue will give you the cool grayish tone that makes Slate easily identifiable.

History: Traditionally, Slate was a color that was associated with strength, stability, trust, and superiority. The medieval castles and majestic manors had a Slate-like coloring to them because of the type of stone that was used to build them.

Color in Action

Slate suits just exude sophistication and class. Their subtle sheen and luster make them a must for every executive. Slate evening wear is just as gorgeous—think of Megan Megan Thee Stallion's red-carpet look at the 2022 Academy Awards. The voluptuous Slate blue dress by Indian designer Gaurav Gupta had Slate Sequins and wave-like embellishments that made the dress feel both floaty and solid.

Slate Dress
Slate Nails
Slate Sofa

Colors that go with Slate

Match Slate with Very Dark Grayish Orange to create a complementary color scheme that has a sophisticated and earthy feel.

Slate Dress Color Combination
Slate Nails Color Combination
Slate Sofa Color Combination

Slate Color Palettes and Schemes

To make a monochromatic color palette with Slate use it beside colors like Very Dark Grayish Blue and Grayish Blue. This will have the effect of a glacial and snappy design that feels contemporary and masculine.

Slate Dress Color Palette
Slate Nails Color Palette
Slate Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Moroccan lattice designs in Slate and White have an intriguing appeal because the open design allows the two colors to contrast with one another. A chinoiserie pattern with Slate, Olive Green, and Dusty Purple creates an ornate feel when used as a wallpaper or background image.

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Abstract Lines
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