Stratos Color

HEX color code is #070F54 and the RGB is 7, 15, 84

Stratos is best described as the color of the deepest midnight sky. In Greek, the word Stratos means army which is why it is a color that is typically associated with strength, bravery, loyalty, trust, and integrity.

How the color is made: Mixing dark blue with black will create the deep and rich color of Stratos.

History: Historically, Stratos was a color used for the elite and upper class because of the expensive process to make this deep blue. It has typically been a color associated with nobility, strength, dominion, and benevolence.

Color in Action

Because of Stratos’ connotations of integrity and trustworthiness, it is often used in logo designs to communicate the company or brand’s honesty and reliability. Major companies like Ford, IBM, PayPal, Visa, Samsung, and Facebook have used Stratos to convey an image of veracity and precision.
Stratos is a popular color for evening wear too because it adds a sense of drama and intrigue to a dress. Award-winning actresses like Hillary Swank, Sandra Bullock, and Natalie Portman have worn Stratos-colored dresses several times because its rich color complements their skin tones and hair color beautifully.

Stratos Dress
Stratos Nails
Stratos Sofa

Colors that go with Stratos

Match Stratos with a deep olive-colored yellow for a complementary color scheme that feels balanced and weighty. Or pair Stratos with shiny metallic gold elements to really make the depth of Stratos sing.

Stratos Dress Color Combination
Stratos Nails Color Combination
Stratos Sofa Color Combination

Stratos Color Palettes and Schemes

Stratos has a unique hue that at once feels cold but not depressing, so it will pair well with many other blue hues when opting for a monochromatic color palette. It can also hold its own when combined with vibrant colors like yellow or red, which is why these color combinations are often used in graphic and logo design.

Stratos Dress Color Palette
Stratos Nails Color Palette
Stratos Sofa Color Palette

Backgrounds and Seamless Patterns

Thinly striped wallpaper in Stratos, white, and gold stripes will give a room a regal feel. Toile patterns in Stratos and cream will have a vintage feel.

Polka Dot
Abstract Lines
Louis Vuitton